Use Cases

Use Cases

Radiant Clean

Problem: Radiant Clean, an NDIS cleaning business, was facing challenges in managing their cleaning staff and their job scheduling. They also had difficulties keeping track of invoicing and financial reporting due the influx of work and satisfied customers spreading the word by word of mouth.

Solution: We created a custom software system that streamlines Radiant Clean’s operations and addresses their challenges. The system includes:

  • A job scheduling calendar for office administrators to easily enter jobs.
  • An invoicing system for efficient billing of clients.
  • A mobile app for contractors with a calendar, allowing contractors to view all of their scheduled jobs on the go.
  • Extensive reporting, providing insight into the amount of income generated.

Result: The custom software system has transformed Radiant Clean’s operations, making it easier for them to manage their staff, schedule jobs, invoice clients, and track their financial performance. The system, built using Strapi, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, and Node, has increased efficiency, accuracy, and profitability for Radiant Clean.

Conclusion: The custom software system created for Radiant Clean has provided a comprehensive solution to their challenges in managing their NDIS cleaning business. The system has streamlined operations and improved the bottom line, making Radiant Clean more successful than ever before.


Problem: Jetblaster, a company that designs and manufactures custom industrial high-pressure cleaners and solutions, was struggling to manage their inventory effectively due to a lack of suitable software options.

Solution: We built a custom inventory management system for Jetblaster using Vue, Nuxt, Strapi, and Node. The system includes:

  • A web portal that fully manages Jetblaster’s inventory using QR Codes to identify each product in the warehouse.
  • A mobile app that scans QR codes and updates inventory in real-time.
  • An extensive search function for all inventory, a bill of materials system, user management, and an inventory audit system to keep track of updates and changes.
  • The ability to generate reports for items running low on stock and receive email notifications when inventory is running low.

Result: The custom inventory management system has transformed Jetblaster’s operations, enabling them to manage their inventory with ease and accuracy. The system has streamlined operations and helped Jetblaster to keep track of their inventory and avoid stock shortages.

Conclusion: The custom inventory management system created for Jetblaster has provided a comprehensive solution to their inventory management challenges. The system has improved efficiency, accuracy, and profitability for Jetblaster, making their business operations more streamlined than ever before.

For Sale For Lease

Problem: For Sale For Lease specialized in helping individuals sell their properties without the assistance of real estate agents. However, managing the large volume of phone calls from interested buyers through their advertisements on and was becoming increasingly difficult and time-consuming.

Solution: Beautiful Websites created a custom portal for For Sale For Lease, which includes an automated phone answering service and unique pin code generation system. The pin code is advertised along with the property on and, allowing buyers to quickly and easily connect with the seller. When a call is received, the system prompts the caller to enter the property’s pin code, which then automatically matches the code to the seller and sends an SMS with the caller’s phone details.

Outcome: The automated lead management system has significantly reduced the amount of time and effort spent on administrative tasks and phone calls, allowing For Sale For Lease to streamline their operations and improve their overall efficiency.

Result: The custom portal created by Beautiful Websites has provided For Sale For Lease with a powerful tool for managing their property sales leads. The automation of the phone answering service and pin code generation has made it easier for buyers to connect with sellers and has eliminated the need for manual administration and tracking of phone calls. This has allowed For Sale For Lease to focus on other areas of their business and improve their overall efficiency.

Conclusion: By providing a custom solution that met the specific needs of For Sale For Lease, Beautiful Websites has helped this business streamline their operations and improve their overall effectiveness. The automated lead management system has made it easier for buyers and sellers to connect and has saved time and effort that would have otherwise been spent on manual administrative tasks.

Hello Hello Plants

Problem: Hello Hello Plants is a company specialising in selling a wide range of plants. One of their major challenges was sourcing images for their extensive plant catalog. The task of finding images for the vast number of plants was time-consuming and costly, as they had to purchase images from various sources.

Solution: To solve this issue, Beautiful Websites developed a custom web portal specifically designed for Hello Hello Plants. The portal allows users to sign up for an account, see what images are currently needed, and upload their own images to sell to Hello Hello Plants. The portal was built using the latest web technologies, including Vue, Nuxt, Strapi, and Node.js. It also features an advanced administration area that allows Hello Hello Plants to manage all of the users, uploaded images, and sales made.

Key features of the portal include:

  • User account creation and management
  • Display of images currently needed by Hello Hello Plants
  • Uploading of images for sale
  • Offer and acceptance process for purchasing images
  • Advanced administration area for managing users, images, and sales

Result: The custom web portal has significantly streamlined the process of sourcing images for Hello Hello Plants. They can now easily manage all aspects of the image sourcing process, from user accounts to image sales, in one convenient location. This has not only saved Hello Hello Plants time and effort, but has also made the process of obtaining images for their catalog much more efficient.

Conclusion: Beautiful Websites has successfully addressed the major challenge faced by Hello Hello Plants by developing a custom web portal that automates the image sourcing process. The portal has improved the efficiency of the process and has allowed Hello Hello Plants to manage all aspects of the image sourcing process in one convenient location. As a result, Hello Hello Plants can now focus on what they do best – providing a wide range of high-quality plants to their customers.

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